Toxins & Knotting & Spasms, Oh My!

For those who know me, know that I've had back pain/problems for a long time now. When I was 17 my doctor told me I had scoliosis, what that meant was that my spine was not straight like it should be, instead it curved; and because of this, I suffer from back pain.

On my really bad days, my back starts to spasm and I am unable to stand up straight while walking. Thankfully, this has only happened around 3 times in my life.

I have been lucky enough to know a couple of body workers/massage therapist. And so I finally decided to get some work done on me for my crazy back pain. It was a pretty awesome experience. And! It was the first time I've ever had cupping done on me. Cupping is used to pull out toxins from your body, but man do they hurt like a b****! But only for the first two minutes or so- after that I didn't feel pain at all.

After, I felt so relaxed and chill. I will definitely keep up with bodywork, it's just so amazing & good for me! Check out the spots where all my toxins came out! I really feel like this is going to be a new obsession for me.

Shout out to my good friend Neale for hooking me up with such an amazing massage!

A Lack of Support Doesn’t Mean A Lack of Love

Yesterday I realized that not everyone in your life is going to understand the path you choose to follow in life, and even then, some of those people may even be your family. That’s ok! Sometimes the limits people put on themselves hold them back and there is not much you can say or push them to do to see otherwise. that doesn’t mean they don’t love you, I’ve made my peace with that.

For me, when it became sad and hurtful was when I realized that it could also mean that I will not be getting support from them. That’s when it becomes harder to be okay, but it’s not impossible to be okay because chances are you have other people in your life that support you. Sometimes when that happens you just have to accept that they may never fully support or understand you, love them anyway. Hold a positive vibration for them anyway. Be an example for them anyway. You can’t make everyone you love and care for see what you see, live how you live or be how you are.

Hello Old Friend

Reunited with makeup & it feels so good! I think I stopped using makeup for a few months because I wasn't feeling self love for myself. I know many people think that makeup is used by women who may not like themselves, but I think it's the opposite. I think when you love yourself and feel beautiful you enhance that love and beauty you feel with makeup. I don't ever do my makeup when I don't feel good about myself- it never comes out right and I get very critical and judgmental towards myself.

This is why I'm so happy that I've picked up my makeup again, because that's how I tell myself that I am in self love!

And what do I do when I am in self love? Selfie photo shoot! Enjoy!

A New Shift, A New Change

Have you all ever felt like the Universe is finally on your side, opening new opportunities for growth & empowerment? Because that is exactly how I have been feeling for a good couple of days and I must say that I have not felt this excited in a very long time! I’ve been feeling such creative energy & also a lot of self healing energy.

Many things are currently lining up in my life, and the potential for growth that I see is very exciting! I’m so eager to see how my life is going to be in a year from now. What I do need to remember is that I am a person who gets excited and eager for the possibility, but then, like a true Aries, I lose the steam. So if anyone has any good suggestions for how to keep the momentum going, please share!

I am currently finding out so many things about myself, about life, and how to treat people & yourself. It finally hit me yesterday (as I was talking to a friend of mine) I am 28 years old and it took me 27 years to learn how to apologize! I was always the one who would almost never put aside my ego and pride to acknowledge that I was in the wrong for things. It caused so much negativity in my mind to always try and be right in life. Once it finally clicked, that an apology isn’t only for the person hurt but also for you, I was able to feel so much love for people and myself!

Long story short, I am very excited to grow and work!