My Favorite Holiday

Everyone has their own favorite Holiday. That can be either Christmas, Thanksgiving or even Sweetest Day. For me however, my most favorite holiday ever is Pazcki Day, or more popularly known as Fat Tuesday (Mardi Gras).

I was first introduced to this glorious holiday 4 years ago- ever since then I am a devout fanatic. I always order pazcki’s from Weber’s Bakery, my most favorite bakery! for the past 3 years I have become like the Santa Claus of pazcki’s for my family. I absolutely love sharing this holiday with them.

I start the day by picking up my order- there is usually a long line, but the way that they move at that bakery you only wait around 15-30 min at most. Then, I go to my mother-in-laws to have coffee and pazcki. I then drop off the rest of the orders. It’s become a whole day thing.

By the end of the day, I have probably eaten anywhere around 5-7 pazcki’s! Only sad thing about this Holiday is that the pazcki’s are only around that one day! So for the next 365 days I shall just dream of when I again shall celebrate with Pazcki!

A look at how serious I am about my holiday.

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