A Cure For Social Awkwardness

On Saturday I attended an event called Ecstatic Dance Night. It’s an event that is held twice a month. It first started with a hour long movement workshop where we try different movements independently, along with a partner at times. After this, we have an opening circle ceremony explaining how the dance portion of the night will be. I really enjoyed the dance part because it is basically an independent non verbal dance party. Each dance move you do is done to the rhythm of the music. At first it’s slow- then it picks up. 

I am a person who is very shy when I am around people I do not know. I would call myself socially awkward. I don’t usually come out of my shell unless I’ve known you as a person. Lately, I have been trying to be more active in social events, or attend more events that require me to be more active and social. So, when my good friend, Janie, told me of this event, I knew I had to go. I’m not gonna lie, at first I was very intimated by the idea that I would be dancing in front of a large group of strangers; but once the dancing started – after the movement event – and I saw everyone in their own movements, feeling and moving with intention to the music, it was easy to dive in myself. 

I didn’t stay for the entire event, as I am a cat momma and my kitty was alone at home- he’s an older cat who wants love all day. I left half way into the dance party. However, I am so happy that I stayed for as long as I did, and that I participated as well. You guys don’t know how much of a big step that is for me! I now have a new and optimistic view for social events, and I know now that the only thing that stops me from being social is me and my fears of embarrassing myself. I don’t know about you, but I’d call that growth. 


*not a picture of the ecstatic night- but dancing nonetheless

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