I’ve Been Dying To Try These Brushes! 

So these oval brushes are all the craze right now. I feel like everyone on YouTube who does makeup has used them in their videos at least once! So, of course I had to try them! The only thing that stopped me at first was the price for them from the company that first came out with these, Artis Brushes. Each one of these brushes costs about $70 and for the complete set it was close to around $500! Of course I was not going to be able to afford them, so I decided to buy my set of brushes from Zaful at a grand total price of $20 for a set of ten!

Now, I do not know how well the Artis brushes work, but the ones I bought seemed to work fine with me. They blended my foundation on my face perfectly and evenly. I did not have any swipe lines on my face from the brushes. They were also pretty fluffy and smooth. I would definitely recommend these brushes as a great dupe to the Artis brushes.

Don’t mind my face in these shots, my forehead breaks out when I am under stress & I also haven’t done a face mask on myself in a very long time. I think it is time for a spa night for myself.

Final look. 😀

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