Animal Messenger Of The Day: Red Squirrel

“Gather your resources now, for they will sustain you through coming change”

My life in the last couple of years has truly been a journey! I have learned and grown and have become more aware of what my path in life is. With that said, these past two weeks have brought about a major shift that has been felt with not only Kat, my wife, but also our friends who also walk along the same path as us. The message that I received from this card is that now is the time to learn as much information about my interest and goals for my life’s work. Use any and all of the resources available to me, that will help me in my future work. Just like the Red Squirrel gathers its resources for the coming winter, I must go out and take advantage of all the opportunities for growth, because that will be what helps me get through the cosmic shift that is happening.

What does this animal messenger say to you? Are you ready and preparing for the amazing changes coming your way? If not, this card is definitely telling us to prepare! 


A New Direction For A Same Ol Blogger

Hello Everyone! It’s been a while, how have you all been? Gosh, so much has happened since I’ve last been on here, and so much that I did not share with you while I was still posting on here… I guess that happens when you are actively finding yourself & figuring out what it is that you want to in life.

I cannot begin to tell you everything as there is too much to say, and to explain it all, I would have to begin back to my childhood years. Don’t worry though, all in good time.

I want to let you all know that there are going to be some changes as to what and how I write on this blog. I will be using this space more as my journal of random thoughts along with experiments that I am currently working on. I want to let you all know that I will be sharing parts of my life, and thoughts, that I am not used to sharing. Because of this, my posts may at times seem random with no clear point being stated, and that’s because sometimes my thoughts are just that, thoughts.

I hope you all enjoy this new direction that my lovely little blog is taking. I hope that in some way, I help people, with same random thoughts as me, to know that they are not alone and that blogging or journaling  may be a great way to express yourself. Here’s to healing and balancing my throat chakra!