A Small Look Into My Inner World

I’ve not one to lucid dream and remember. I’ve always been what some would call aware. And ever since I can remember, I’ve been able to see spirits. Of course, like any other child, growing up in a family that didn’t understand how much of a gift that could be, I was shielded and taught to block it. Whether this was because of fear or ignorance, take your pick. Point is that I never really shut it off. How it’s been explained to me by other intuitive people is that basically I have a light, say a porch light if it helps, and that light is always on because I have a gift, and since this porch light is always on, spirits follow that light. So they basically show up unannounced lol

Well because of this special little light that I have, I feel more intuned, and because of this, I sometimes feel weird energies around me…. which brings me to the point of this rant lol

This past week I experience a really unsettling dream I had. It felt like a lucid dream, but since I do not lucid dream often I am not too sure. All I know is that when I finally was able to wake up out of what felt like a trance, I was left with the most unnerving feeling. I did not feel safe, and I felt like I had just had an emotional trauma to the point where I needed to cry in order to relase some of those emotions.

My question, or point, is who’s ever experienced feelings like this after a traumatic lucid like dream? I smudged my whole apartment, which helped. But now I have this feeling of not being able to sleep alone at night. Am I a baby for this? Who knows. But if anyone knows of any good guided meditations- please share.

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