Instant Gratification – The Lazy Syndrome?

Today I made a connection that I hadn’t before. I am someone who surprisingly has always had pretty good patience for doing things. Need to untangle a necklace? I’m your girl! The one thing that I noticed my patience is at a hard ZERO is with technology. I get so annoyed and frustrated when something doesn’t load fast enough, or if my phone or laptop freezes, to the point where I have the urge to throw the phone or laptop straight across the room.

Why is this? Well, instant gratification! We live in a world where everything is fast and quick and at the tips of our fingertips, literally with all the tech things nowadays; and because of this, I feel, we’ve learned to expect results instantly, and now we want that amazing accomplished feeling instantly! And it’s so little that the feeling last because the work we put into things is so little. Idk maybe this is a contributing factor to why I cannot stay on track when it comes to goals and projects or ideas. Everything that is worth doing takes time, but in this day and age everything is so accessible with the internet and social media that we forget how to put in the work. We live off of small doses of euphoria and wonder why we feel empty with our lives. I guess instant gratification is something I still need to unlearn.

Until then, enjoy this hilarious gem I found on the internet. HAHA

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