Some Great Food & Great Company!

Who knew eating with your hands cold be so much fun & amazing! I have only eaten Ethiopian food once before -years back when my dad worked in DC & we visited him. Internet people, if you guys have never had Ethiopian food, go out today and get you some!

A few friends of ours decided to go on a triple date & went to Ethiopian Diamond & it was so good! At first the menu looks a bit intimidating because I had no idea what anything was. Luckily everyone order something different and everyone enjoyed their food, which tells me that everything on their menu is delicious!

Honestly I think I was most excited about eating with my hands! I love trying new foods and feel especially like a winner when said new foods taste amazing as well!

one of the desserts, so chocolaty and yummy!

Deep Dish Heaven

A little known fact about Kat & I, we do not eat any dairy! How can this be? Everything has dairy when you grow up Mexican! Cheese! Sour Cream! I know I know! I thought she was crazy too when she told me she didn’t eat it. But, after a few months, I noticed a difference in not eating it; how bloated I was because of the dairy, and how it affected my mood.

Almost four years later- and we still don’t eat it. Once in a while, when it is in desserts or if someone cooks with it, we will have some. But usually it is not in our diet. At first it was very hard, believe me. But after eating like this for years it has gotten easier and actually I’ve learned that there is still plenty of foods I can eat and still enjoy. How else do you think I’ve been able to keep my plump figure? 🙂

One place that we found to be an amazing place for vegan food is Kitchen 17! On Wednesdays they have the deep dish pizza special, and let me tell you it is so delicious that I don’t even feel like I am missing out on Chicago style deep dish! We ordered the fully loaded and I swear I was in food heaven! If you want to see how awesome vegan food can be, go here!

As you can see we basically killed this deep dish, just us two!

& of course I had to try out the awesome vegan chocolate brownie! I love trying vegan desserts at restaurants because it reaffirms that vegan doesn’t mean nasty. Yes, both were very yummy!

My Favorite Holiday

Everyone has their own favorite Holiday. That can be either Christmas, Thanksgiving or even Sweetest Day. For me however, my most favorite holiday ever is Pazcki Day, or more popularly known as Fat Tuesday (Mardi Gras).

I was first introduced to this glorious holiday 4 years ago- ever since then I am a devout fanatic. I always order pazcki’s from Weber’s Bakery, my most favorite bakery! for the past 3 years I have become like the Santa Claus of pazcki’s for my family. I absolutely love sharing this holiday with them.

I start the day by picking up my order- there is usually a long line, but the way that they move at that bakery you only wait around 15-30 min at most. Then, I go to my mother-in-laws to have coffee and pazcki. I then drop off the rest of the orders. It’s become a whole day thing.

By the end of the day, I have probably eaten anywhere around 5-7 pazcki’s! Only sad thing about this Holiday is that the pazcki’s are only around that one day! So for the next 365 days I shall just dream of when I again shall celebrate with Pazcki!

A look at how serious I am about my holiday.