Taking My First Step In My Own Path

As some of you know, this past weekend I packed my bags and headed to Los Angeles on a journey that would for sure change my life. I didn’t know how much, nor did I imagine the enormity of how much my life would change.

A little under a year ago I was reading my emails, mostly scrolling and deleting without really paying attention to the subject lines, until one particular email caught my eyes. It was from Mira Kelley, a past life regressionist whom I had reached out to a few months back for coaching, but was unable to because of financial constraints. Her subject line caught my attention, she would be having a retreat for Past Life Regression certification, and to top it off it would be in Chicago! I thought, “Great, this is how I will work with her! And to top it off I would get certified in past life regression!”

Many obstacles came my way in the next few months, one being that the class would be relocated to Los Angeles; which would mean an added expense to the retreat. But I didn’t care, I had made up my mind that I would be in that retreat no matter what! I’m so glad that I didn’t let these obstacles stop me from going to the retreat, because I got so much from the trip, not just from the class but also from staying with family as well as the city of Los Angeles!

Words cannot describe all the healing and knowledge that I experienced in a short 8 days- which was how long my entire trip was – start to end.

First and foremost, I am so very grateful to Mira Kelley for creating such a great experience and class. She created such an intimate space for all of us, that making connections became inevitable. Secondly, a very special thanks to family who put us up for our trip. The bonds that were made were some of the most purest and loving connections I have made with family. This trip would not have been the same had I not stayed with them, that I am sure of.

And now that this amazing experience has ended, what is stored for me in the future? How can I give back and share all my knowledge? How do I go about integrating all that I have learned? I’ve asked myself these questions, and every time I receive an answer it’s the same one, “use the tools and help people gain the same healing I did when I experienced my own past life regression sessions.” So that is what I am going to do.

Jumping in with both feet, and finally embracing my path as a healer!

 There aren’t enough words to describe how thankful I am to have crossed paths with this beautiful soul!

A New Shift, A New Change

Have you all ever felt like the Universe is finally on your side, opening new opportunities for growth & empowerment? Because that is exactly how I have been feeling for a good couple of days and I must say that I have not felt this excited in a very long time! I’ve been feeling such creative energy & also a lot of self healing energy.

Many things are currently lining up in my life, and the potential for growth that I see is very exciting! I’m so eager to see how my life is going to be in a year from now. What I do need to remember is that I am a person who gets excited and eager for the possibility, but then, like a true Aries, I lose the steam. So if anyone has any good suggestions for how to keep the momentum going, please share!

I am currently finding out so many things about myself, about life, and how to treat people & yourself. It finally hit me yesterday (as I was talking to a friend of mine) I am 28 years old and it took me 27 years to learn how to apologize! I was always the one who would almost never put aside my ego and pride to acknowledge that I was in the wrong for things. It caused so much negativity in my mind to always try and be right in life. Once it finally clicked, that an apology isn’t only for the person hurt but also for you, I was able to feel so much love for people and myself!

Long story short, I am very excited to grow and work!

A Small Look Into My Inner World

I’ve not one to lucid dream and remember. I’ve always been what some would call aware. And ever since I can remember, I’ve been able to see spirits. Of course, like any other child, growing up in a family that didn’t understand how much of a gift that could be, I was shielded and taught to block it. Whether this was because of fear or ignorance, take your pick. Point is that I never really shut it off. How it’s been explained to me by other intuitive people is that basically I have a light, say a porch light if it helps, and that light is always on because I have a gift, and since this porch light is always on, spirits follow that light. So they basically show up unannounced lol

Well because of this special little light that I have, I feel more intuned, and because of this, I sometimes feel weird energies around me…. which brings me to the point of this rant lol

This past week I experience a really unsettling dream I had. It felt like a lucid dream, but since I do not lucid dream often I am not too sure. All I know is that when I finally was able to wake up out of what felt like a trance, I was left with the most unnerving feeling. I did not feel safe, and I felt like I had just had an emotional trauma to the point where I needed to cry in order to relase some of those emotions.

My question, or point, is who’s ever experienced feelings like this after a traumatic lucid like dream? I smudged my whole apartment, which helped. But now I have this feeling of not being able to sleep alone at night. Am I a baby for this? Who knows. But if anyone knows of any good guided meditations- please share.

Animal Messenger Of The Day: Red Squirrel

“Gather your resources now, for they will sustain you through coming change”

My life in the last couple of years has truly been a journey! I have learned and grown and have become more aware of what my path in life is. With that said, these past two weeks have brought about a major shift that has been felt with not only Kat, my wife, but also our friends who also walk along the same path as us. The message that I received from this card is that now is the time to learn as much information about my interest and goals for my life’s work. Use any and all of the resources available to me, that will help me in my future work. Just like the Red Squirrel gathers its resources for the coming winter, I must go out and take advantage of all the opportunities for growth, because that will be what helps me get through the cosmic shift that is happening.

What does this animal messenger say to you? Are you ready and preparing for the amazing changes coming your way? If not, this card is definitely telling us to prepare!