My Other Half

A person takes many paths in life, in my opinion, this is how we grow. Many times we go on our journey alone, other times we go on our journeys with other people. However, along the road, if we are lucky, we find someone to share our journey with. Someone who, not only is there for support, but also there to go on the journey along side you to also grow with you. I’m not sure if I am making any sense to you all. If you have that person in your life, then you know.

Anywho, I am so very grateful for my other half, Kat! We’ve been on this journey together for what seems like forever, I’ve seen us grow so much with each other. I am sure I would not be the person I am today, at this very moment, without her. I’ve been able to get through so many personal struggles because I have her there with me, supporting me. We’ve had our moments of craziness, but we have always been able to come out the other side better and stronger for each other. I am so excited for what these next years will bring for us. I know that whatever it is, we will do it together! Kat, thank you for all you have taught me so far, I love you lots.

I’ve Been Dying To Try These Brushes! 

So these oval brushes are all the craze right now. I feel like everyone on YouTube who does makeup has used them in their videos at least once! So, of course I had to try them! The only thing that stopped me at first was the price for them from the company that first came out with these, Artis Brushes. Each one of these brushes costs about $70 and for the complete set it was close to around $500! Of course I was not going to be able to afford them, so I decided to buy my set of brushes from Zaful at a grand total price of $20 for a set of ten!

Now, I do not know how well the Artis brushes work, but the ones I bought seemed to work fine with me. They blended my foundation on my face perfectly and evenly. I did not have any swipe lines on my face from the brushes. They were also pretty fluffy and smooth. I would definitely recommend these brushes as a great dupe to the Artis brushes.

Don’t mind my face in these shots, my forehead breaks out when I am under stress & I also haven’t done a face mask on myself in a very long time. I think it is time for a spa night for myself.

Final look. 😀

A Refreshing Hair Mask For Growing & Strengthening Your Hair 

With Summer being right around the corner, I started the process of lightening my hair. Anyone who has ever colored their hair knows that it will damage your hair, especially if you are going lighter! To help repair and lengthen my hair, I started using a hair masks out of Coconut oil and castor oil once a week. This helped with keeping my hair soft and healthy after my color treatment. Recently, I started using essential oils in my everyday life, and so I decided to use essential oils in my hair masks as well.

This last week has been a very emotional week for Kat & me and I have been feeling very fatigued and with low spirits. Because of this, I wanted to give myself a small spa feeling that would leave me refreshed and rejuvenated. For making this hair mask, I combined three carrier oils: the Trader Joe’s coconut oil, doTERRA’s fractionated coconut oil and Castor oil (to help with hair growth) and two essential oils: Wild Orange to lift up my mood and energy & Peppermint to awaken and give me a refreshing feeling. I combined all the oils and rubbed it all over my scalp going down to my hair ends. Once I felt like I spread it evenly across my hair, I combed out my hair to spend it even more evenly.

This is how my hair looks once I am done. I then just leave my hair like this for the rest of the day and wash my hair the following morning.

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A Little Bubble Bath & Essential Oils – With A Small Meditation

Every once in a while a girl needs to settle down at night with a good hot bubble bath. Let’s be honest not just girls but also guys. This is exactly what I needed last night. After a very stressful day at work, I needed a calming moment to be able to sleep comfortably and to release me of any crazy hectic energy I had been around earlier. Now believe me when I say, that this bath was the best bath I have ever had to date! I don’t know if it was because I really needed the bath or because this time I used some awesome essential oils!

I used a few drops of Balance, Deep Blue, Lavender & Basil (not photographed). I do not know if it was the combination of the oils with my Epsom salt and lavender bath salts but I had a very relaxing bath. Kat always makes fun of me, in a jokingly way, when I set up a bath, she says that I don’t do it right because I don’t light candles or play relaxing music, so this time I did, and I have to admit that she was right! I lit a candle (one of those tea light candles) and put on my Spotify on Rokia Traore, an amazing artist I was just introduced to by my dear friend Janie. If you guys haven’t checked her out I suggest you do so quickly! Once I was settled in the bath, I decided to ground myself. I follow bits of different meditations that work for me.

I envisioned a cord from my root chakra all the way to the Earth’s core and with every breath in I inhale the essence of the Earth, and with every breath out I exhale any blockages or negative energy in my body. After a few moments breathing, I envision a bright yellow sun above my head and slowly it wraps itself around me, as a protective bubble of light and heat. As it goes around me it comes back over my heart chakra and then I envision the yellow light go into my heart chakra to follow, guide and ground me throughout the rest of the week.  

MAN, doing this small meditation, with the amazing music in the background, helped me relax so much!

Ah, just looking at this picture makes me want to live in the bath! This is what I used for the bubbles!

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Out Of This World

How awesome is my outfit!? I absolutely it! I’ve never been a person who wears bright patterns, although I’ve always loved them. Maybe it was because I never had the guts… but lately I’ve been growing into my own and doing what makes me happy. And let me tell you, this outfit makes me super happy! Life is too short to not wear what you want because of fear of what people might say or how you might look. So, go out and do or be what makes you happy!

I got the awesome leggings here & the awesome matching hoodie I got here.